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PAYMENTSfn seeks to offer an independent, developer focused payment conference while furthering the Spreedly mission to “Democratize participation in payments by working across the world’s payment silos”. As an engineering-heavy company building an agnostic payments platform, we’re eager to have a venue where we can learn from and hang out with technical peers in the industry, so we decided to take the plunge and create a developer focused payments conference.


We’ll be taking over a cinema at the historic Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham, North Carolina.


Day 1, Wednesday, May 23, 2018 (optional) is a half day specifically about using Spreedly, with talks from Spreedly employees and Spreedly customers. This is like a mini user group event.

Day 2, Thursday, May 24, 2018 is a full day open to speakers presenting on interesting topics related to payments and technology. This day is not Spreedly specific.


PAYMENTSfn is marketed heavily to developers, so the content can, and should, be technical in focus. Don’t feel as though you need to address a broad audience. This doesn’t mean you have to talk code, just that your talk should be something you think would be interesting to a developer working in payments.

Carolina Theatre


Payments is a deep technical domain with lots of interesting challenges: really robust, really old (in internet time) legacy systems; new and shiny but often brittle API’s trying to innovate; lots of hype that one learns to be a bit jaded about without a proof of concept; and very real and ever present security and scaling concerns. All topics that fall within the sphere of payments and technology are perfect to propose. You don’t have to be an expert to share your thoughts and experiences. You are welcome to propose talks for either the optional half-day of Spreedly-focused content or the full-day conference proper.


Talks should be lecture-style, roughly 30 minutes in length. We’re going to skip the Q&A in favor of hallway and lunch conversations.

Proposals should be submitted through this portal no later than February 26, 2018. All proposals will receive notice of acceptance, waitlist, or denial by March 12, 2018. We also may find it necessary to reach out to you for clarification. Please respond promptly so that we can keep the pipeline moving.


Speakers at PAYMENTSfn 2018 will be entitled to free conference registration, lodging, and a travel stipend, along with rockstar status, if just for the day.


Anti-Harassment & Accessibility Policies